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More Effective Workflow

More effective Workflow is a course focusing on the group’s effectiveness by creating a smoother workflow.

Regardless of how good you and the organisation are, there may be a need to bring up and reflect if there is anything in your current workflow process that is being done out of habit but could be simplified.
Once the group eliminates unnecessary steps and energy draining time thieves, job satisfaction will increase, and it’ll be easier to focus on the pertinent things.
This course will help your group create consensus and clarify activities, supportive decisions, division of responsibility and communication paths.

You will share a mutual understanding about what you’re doing so it will be easier to prioritize what’s important in order to achieve common goals.
For the duration of the course we will combine theory with workshops where groups will receive time tested tools and methods to clarify and map your work flow.

Afterwards, all participants will be assigned the task to identify time and resource wasters and remove unnecessary components in the work flow. Approximately four weeks after the seminar, we will have a follow-up to identify and effectivise the group’s work flow as well as create an implementation action plan.
Before the course start, everyone will answer a pre-survey so that we are aware of the group’s and individual’s current situation. This is done to adapt the course from your needs and pre-requisites.

All our courses are always tailored to your needs. 

Course Content

  • Clarify and map out the group’s work flow
  • Remove time thieves, unnecessary steps and shorten lead times
  • Identify and effectivise the group’s work flow
  • Create consensus regarding priorities
  • Create an action plan for implementation