People are the motor behind growth and success for all companies and organisations. Increased job satisfaction leads to greater focus, engagement and better job performance. But even in the best of work places ”time and energy thieves” sneak in, causing us to lose time and focus. How are things at your work place? Do you have any time thieves at work? Are there days when your inbox is the agenda for the day? Would you like more time to work strategically and long-term? How much time can you afford to simply be taken over by someone else’s agenda?
For over 20 years, Petra Brask & Partners have trained and coached thousands in effective work methods both in Sweden and all over the world, focused on teams and individuals. Our dedication and drive to help more people free up their time and energy in order to work smarter and more effectively.

The goal is for you as an individual to be able to achieve more of what’s important AND feel good at the same time.

” Effectiveness training has given us a solid work foundation and more confident employees. It was precisely that mix of individual coaching and the group work sessions that made this program so appreciated.”