“It’s not just the stress that is a problem. The worst part is that I get yelled at too. And then I get even more stressed.” The woman talking has long hair with hair clips to hold it in place, but a few curls frame her face beautifully. We talk about stress and how we need to have a strategy to deal with peaks at work when they occur. The woman refers to her not only having stress at work. “When we are having guests at home I can feel the stress level drastically increases the closer we get to the time for our guests to arrive. And that’s when Alex suddenly starts barking at me.”

This week a lot was at stake. I held trainings with important new clients and I had a lecture for my new colleagues in the media industry. When there’s a lot at stake, we all get higher adrenaline levels and that requires a lot of energy. Then you have to have a strategy to recover in between.

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“Welcome, it’s been a while.” I smile at the conference hostess at the conference center north of Stockholm. I’m there to write on one of my books, which feels like the most useful task I can devote myself to, since my voice is not well enough to lecture this week. On the way up to the room, I notice that the place is crowded with conference attendees. But I also notice that most people don’t talk to each other or even take in the beautiful surroundings and the inviting fireplace in the entrance. They are busy checking their cell phones. It is tough to impress your colleagues, when competing against a world of interesting information that is only a swipe away. With a huge cup of coffee and many cookies I lock myself into my meeting room. Opening the computer I am just about to get started when I glance at my phone. Or should I check Twitter first?

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Petra Brask blog

Petra Brask

"Since 1995, I have coached and trained people develop in effectiveness and help shape a better quality of life and work. I hope to be an inspiration and role model not only for my clients but also for my family and friends.
I usually say that I was born a little bit too early. After living abroad with my parents, my brother and I were sent home to Sweden when we were in our teens and there was no longer a school where my parents worked. While our friends in Sri Lanka were sent to boarding school, we were sent to our large family home in the countryside in Southern Sweden and learn how to take care of our home and sizable garden ourselves.
It was tough, for sure, but today, I see that experience shaping my view to the world of possibility and learn to see the positive angles in situations and to focus on what we wanted to achieve in life. In short, it taught us to believe in our abilities. My most important companion on this journey has been a sense of humour and to see the comical in situations.

If you feel passion for what you’re going to achieve, you’ll succeed where you like it or not. (Let´s hoping you want to)."