E-Learning Online course: Expedition Time

Are you caught in the everyday jungle, on the hunt for more time and energy?

Expedition Time is an online course in personal effectiveness where time management expert Petra Brask guides you through the whole course

  • Find the time and energy thieves that are hiding at your job and in your spare time. 
  • During the course, you’ll get actionable tools and learn how you can stop putting things off, make better decisions, plan, structure and work more effectively together with others.
  • You will also gain insights on how your brain and body work under stress and learn how you should prioritize urgent demands.
  • Start today and liberate time and energy

Petra will teach you the "Do it-NOW” method, give you tools to stop postponing and the opportunity to practice new effective habits.

Prioritization & Planning
You will get several tools for effectively planning your time and even how to set your Outlook settings.

Use you digital tools smarter and lay the foundations for greater efficiency. We’ll go through OneNote and Outlook together.

Team Effectiveness
Save time and energy. Reach your goals quicker by working together. Create a smoother work flow focusing on value-creating tasks.

Course Content

Our online course is an hour long and divided up into 4 parts:

  1. Decision-making and Do it-NOW. Learn how to handle procrastination – putting things off.
  2. Planning & Prioritisation - Making demands and setting boundaries. Reclaim your time.
  3. Structure - Handle your inbox and e-structure smarter. Don’t let your colleagues’ agenda control your day.
  4. Team effectivity - Find effective guidelines for email and meetings. Identify your time thieves and free up your schedule.